PQI i-Dot USB Flash Drive

pqi dotr

Fashionable Jewelry Design

By combining the flash drive with a fashionable jewelry design, the i Series flash drive is an exquisitely beautiful piece of jewelry as well as a pretty and portable flash drive. It not only perfectly matches your Ultrabook, but also serves as a piece of fine personal jewelry.


Refined, Compactpqi lap dot

PQI has the world's exclusive USB 3.0 COB patented technology. This new technology significantly reduces the size of the flash drive, while allowing it to acheive blazing fast read speeds of up to  149 MB/s.

The Best Storage Companion for Tablets and Laptops

Though small in size, it has a high storage capacity of up to 32GB. Its thin body makes it the best companion for mobile devices, Ultrabooks and tablets alike. It is the best choice for users who seek style, elegance and performance.