U273 USB Flash drive

Available in trendy colors with metallic casing, U273's lid will fill perfectly onto the end of the drive.
Metallic casing in matte finish brings out the style and beauty of the metallic case.
The cap can be attached to the end to prevent loss.
Portable document management tool; Enhance information security and document management.

PQI Walle USB flash

pqi walle


Buyers of 3C products do not only care about performance; exterior appearance is also a key factor when making decisions. Refreshing, neutral, and fashionable white has always been favored by consumers, and regardless of what color their laptops or desktop computers are, white is always a classic color that goes with everything.” The Walle Flash Drive has a clean and pure white base and is adorned with bright and translucent purple, blue, yellow, and green on the body.

Through repeated finishing, the Walle is shiny and smooth to the touch. The brilliant flickering LED light design will show when the flash drive is reading data, so the transfer status is apparent at a glance. The exterior design is with simple curved lines, and the smooth chamfer creates an elfin appearance reminiscent of a character out of an animated film. It can freely swing from left to right to brighten up dull office environments!


U262 360º Swivel lid

U262 uses a 360° swivel casing that is permanently attached to the flash drive so users need not worry about losing their lids. The PQI Traveling Drive U262's casing is made of hairline treated aluminum, available in black or royal blue colors.